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Types of Leadership and management styles discussed in an Essay

Leadership is an issue that has acquired the interest of man as long as the beginning of time itself. Even today, it’s relevance is still felt in all societies, groups, families and so on. The effects of a leader can be felt in all aspects of a society, such that they are needed in businesses, politics, spiritual organizations, and almost in all other spheres of life. This has raised the necessity to educate people on the relevance and need for leadership through educational materials. Such educational write ups should contain certain descriptions of the behavioral and personal qualities or compositions of a leader. Therefore, you will find in this write-up what an essay about a leader should contain extensively and also the basic qualities a leader should possess.

The controversial nature of leadership is one that cannot be passed on as there are several styles and types involved. For instance, the authoritarianism style of leadership obtainable in a military setting cannot be compared to that of a spiritual institution. It is however essential to note that great leaders or even villains have done more harm than good to humanity while being good at leadership as a whole.

There are so many leadership challenges which can be coined into topics but they should be laced along the following lines of thoughts;

l  Theory of Leadership. This line of topic involves the dissection of a particular leadership theory or the comparison on different leadership concepts and their applications.

l  The attributes and qualities of a leader. This research should buttress on the several behavioral characteristics a leader should possess.

l  The values and principles of leadership. This would involve sharing the principles and values a true leader should have in their toolbox.

l  Leadership description in an essay. This topic should shed more light on what leadership entails in details from all spheres of life.

l  You as a leader. What are the qualities you possess or learnt as a leader, what qualities you would love to have and measure you are willing to take to acquire those qualities.

Any of these topics can be picked and explained in details. It is very important to give instances and personal opinions regarding these topics. To buttress your point in any leadership essay, it is required that you shed more light on the strengths of leadership and how it affects the society or group in which they find themselves.

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