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Writing a term paper requires an in-depth study of the discipline, further systematization, expansion and consolidation of the knowledge gained. This form of learning can be seen as a kind of simulator with which the student is trained in the following areas:

  • management of scientific research;
  • competent and logical presentation of the material;
  • reasoned and clear coverage of opinion;
  • the application of theoretical knowledge to practical solutions to specific financial and economic problems, etc.

The content of such training forms the coursework and determines its function. The basis of which is to provide students with skills:

  • To select, organize and analyze the information on the activities of the research object, to carry out its economic and financial diagnostics.
  • To identify the main causes of derivatives and certain economic events to find out their quantitative impact on the object of study.
  • To develop a proposal for solving the existing problems in a company, taking into account international experience and justify the possibilities of its application in terms of national characteristics and traditions.

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